Tiffany dress sash belt wedding - floral with lace - bridal belt ivory sage green sea foam shades - sea glass - colors to order

R 750.00

Tiffany wedding dress sash or belt - handmade flowers with bridal lace motif detailing - bridal belt colors to order, main image is ivory sage green / sea foam shades - sea glass.

Handmade satin flower and leaf detailing with corded bridal lace, ivory glass pearls and crystal detailing. The sash comes standard on a long double satin ribbon that can be tied in a bow at the back of the dress or finished as part of your gown by a seamstress. 

Please note due to availability the style of lace can vary slightly.

Approximate dimensions of the detailing is 210mmx50mm - double satin ribbon 40mmx2.5m 

I am busy making this design in other colors please feel free to message me about your requirements. 

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