Quartz crystal point earrings - Gold silver or rose gold options.

  • R 280.00

Unpolished natural crystal quartz points, please note, these are not identical pairs which adds to the rustic charm of the design making each pair completely unique.

Approximate dimensions: Range between 4.5 and 5cm (TBC)

Finish options on check out (prices vary)

14K Rose gold, 14K gold filled (shown) or Sterling silver.

I also have gold or silver plated which is nickle free and at a discounted price, however rose gold plated is not available in this option for now.

Attachment definitions: 14K Gold filled is a quality alternative to solid gold, Gold filled is an actual layer of gold, pressure-bonded to another metal. Sterling silver is solid .925 Sterling silver. Plated gold or silver are Nickel free and will not irritate the skin.

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen's work is so sacred and special. She made a quartz tiara and earrings for my wedding day and I could just see and feel that she made it with all the love in her heart and to the best of her ability. Thank you for adorning me Kath! Many said I looked angelic. Your "works of heart" are priceless in a mass-produced and unsentimental society.

Quartz crystal point earrings

Bought this as a gift for my wife and she loves it. Great quality, beautiful work.