Heirloom everlasting bridal Bouquet, handcrafted fabric flowers- Navy, dusty blue, sky blue, grey and off white

  • R 1,800.00

Heirloom bouquets for Brides and Retinue available in two size options custom made to your specification. 

Please note that the images in the bouquet listings are one-of-a-kind custom orders that I have created for past Brides. They can therefore not be replicated exactly, they are however a great starting point and unless otherwise indicated/communicated, I will make it as similar to the images as possible. I will email images for approval before dispatching your order.

You are welcome to contact me before or after ordering to fine-tune colors and any other likes or dislikes, please note that each design is a one off and specific detailing that is not handmade (e.g. rhinestone elements may vary in style) due to supplier availability. When ordering more than one bouquet for retinue members, I make these identical as best I can, if required.

Flowers: are handmade, I may use pre-made ones here and there as fillers or to add a specific detail, however this is not a preferred practice.

Brooch detailing: The smaller ones are included in the price, I have made the large brooch detail as an optional extra, as some Bride prefer none and others prefer additional "bling". 

Size options: (please note these are approximate measurements, depending on the style of the flowers and fabrics used, however, it will not be less than indicated). 


Large :

Diameter - 210mm

Circumference - 660mm


Medium :

Diameter - 160mm

Circumference - 500mm




Customer Reviews

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Petals of Perfection

Thank you for making my fairytale wedding complete by making the most stunning bouquet for me, every petal perfectly crafted by your magic touch of style and perfection, my bouquet is now displayed in a glass showcase in my house to always remind me of my special day. Thank you Kathleen