Crystal quartz bridal crown with rose gold, gold or silver wirework (uneven points)

  • R 2,900.00

A collection of polished crystal quartz points wired together to form a sturdy crown, grading in size towards the back with the front being the focal area. 

The wire-work and stone arrangement is intended to be haphazard and adds to the rustic charm of this heirloom piece. 

The crown has a good weight and sits comfortably on the head without any clips.

Please be aware that each and every crown will be individual and no two will be exactly alike, however the original proportions and integrity of the design will be adhered to as much as possible.

Approximate height of the highest point (prices vary)

  • 55-60mm (shown)
  • 35-40mm 

Customer Reviews

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Great customer service and communication, fast shipping and quality product. The tiara is stunning and very well made. I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day!

Excellent service and one happy bride to be!

Received my package within a few weeks, when opened I was in awe of this amazing handmade piece, I will be one of the luckiest brides wearing something this beautiful.
Thank you for all the effort your work is truly stunning.
Highly recommended!

How to feel like a queen on your wedding day..

I loved working with Kathleen and the making of this piece was the pinnacle of the process. I have never seen anyone as excited as my jeweller when he say this crown. I didn't feel like a princess on the day, but a queen. Added bonuses, the piece is so comfortable and easy to put in my hair.